Collaboration items with pokke104

Who is pokke104?

pokke104, born in Okinawa, is an artist / illustrator based in Tokyo and Okinawa. She had lived in Nara for four years in the past.

The name pokke104 is derived from the idea of “Always put things I see and feel in every moment of my life into my pocket. And ideas of my artwork are from my pocket.” Especially oceans, forests of coral and local cultures where she visited are influenced her artworks. 

The first item UROKO

"UROKO" are drawn in tropical tones, a design that shines with pokke104's unique taste.

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The second items BLOSSOM

"BLOSSOM," featuring flowers of the 12 months of the year, deer of Nara, and doves, a symbol of peace. It took more than a year to complete after being designed.

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