How to Wear and Maintain Tabi Shoes

How to wear Tabi Shoes with Kohaze clasps

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How to maintain Tabi Shoes


The current dyeing technique has a limit to the degree of color penetration when dyeing the thick fabric used for Tabi Shoes. As a result, color fading, color blotting, and color migration might occur as the shoes get wet and the wearer sweats. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

How to care for natural and synthetic fabrics

When the shoes get dirty, try to remove the dirt by dabbing it with a lightly dampened cloth. If the shoes get extremely dirty, they can be washed by hand with a neutral detergent, but make sure to rinse off the detergent well, drain thoroughly, stuff the inside with absorbent paper, and dry them in the shade. If the shoes use a white fabric, other colors may easily transfer to the white part when washed. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid washing them in water as much as possible.

Stains on the sole can be removed by using a brush or eraser. 

Applying a waterproofing spray before wearing the shoes will help reduce stains and color bleeding to a small extent.

How to care for natural leather

Care for the shoes made with leather in the same as that for normal leather products, such as by applying a special cream made for leather. It is also recommended to apply a waterproofing spray before wearing the shoes.

When the shoes become soggy and smell bad, take out the insoles and wipe them with a tightly wrung towel as it will reduce the odor.

How to store Tabi Shoes

If the shoes are left in a high temperature and humid environment for a long period of time, mold may occur and rubber and adhesive part may easily deteriorate. It is recommended to fill the shoes with newspaper or other paper and store them at an appropriate temperature and humidity.