About Tabi Shoes

How can I choose my size?
Select the same size as your ordinary shoe size. However, please be careful that size indication may vary depending on the type of Tabi Shoes. Check the note on each item page.
How can I choose the size for kids?
The same as choosing a Tabi Shoes for an adult; select the same size as the kid's ordinary shoe size. However, small kids usually might take time to get used to wearing split-toe shoes, so it is sometimes better to choose one size larger than their ordinary size so that the kid can get used to wearing Tabi Shoes. It is highly recommended to let the kids wear tabi socks (split-toe socks) so that it becomes easier and more comfortable for them to wear Tabi Shoes.
I don't know how to wear a Tabi Shoes.
Tabi Shoes have metal clasps called kohaze. Usually kohaze are attached to the inside of Tabi Shoes and fasten and adjust around the ankles by hooking into a looped thread. Generally there are a few string loops on Tabi Shoes. Choose the best ones to fit Tabi Shoes onto your foot and hook kohaze adjusting around the ankle or calf. Leaving a few kohaze open reveals some of the inside fabric, allowing the wearer to enjoy different designs and styles. Some Tabi Shoes for kids have Velcro tape so that it is easier for kids to wear and take off Tabi Shoes.
What kind of benefit can I get by wearing split-toe shoes?
As the big toe and other toes are separated, naturally feet can be placed more firmly with more weight on the toes. It is also said that split-toe shoes can provide health benefits, for example, avoiding hallux valgus.
How can I take care of a Tabi Shoes?
Please refer to the "How to Maintain Tabi Shoes?" section in Tabi Shoes ABC page.Go to Tabi Shoes ABC >>
How long does a pair of Tabi Shoes last?
Durability of a Tabi Shoes largely depends on the intended purpose and frequency of use, so we can't give a consistent answer.
Can I get my Tabi Shoes repaired?
We don't accept Tabi Shoes for repair. However if the item you receive is defective, we will arrange to send a new item. Please note that we accept enquiries about defective items only within 7 days from receipt. Please contact us at: info@tabi-ji.jp .

About Shopping

I don't know how to order.
Please read the Shopping GuideShopping Guide
Do you accept return and exchange?
Extreme care is taken with each order, but if the wrong item is shipped or the item you receive is defective, please contact us at: info@tabi-ji.jp
Our staff will contact you as soon as possible.
Please note that we accept enquiries about wrongly shipped and defective items only within 7 days from receipt.