This is Shop TABI-JI, a Tabi Shoes specialty store ✨

A new sock product is now on sale!

The name of the product is "Shirasu 2!

Due to popular demand, this is the second in the Shirasu series!

The colorful shades are cute ♡♡♡♡♡!

The colorful colors are cute, and there is only one colored Shirasu like Swimmy, making these socks full of playful spirit 🐟♡♡.

These socks are available only at Shop TABI-JI Kamakura and Hase stores.

Please check them out when you come to Kamakura.

Web sales are in preparation, so please wait for a while...

Next time, we will update the pattern for the Shop TABI-JI Nara exclusive ✨.

Please look forward to seeing what kind of patterns you can expect!