New Item Release



This is Shop TABI-JI, a Tabi Shoes specialty store.

A new Tabi Shoes "U-ten x FLEECE" combining the advantages of our popular products "U-ten" and "FLEECE" is now available for purchase at our stores👏✨
Both waterproof and cold-resistant, these Tabi Shoes are sure to be useful for going out in the cold season⛄!

Product name: U-ten x FLEECE
Color variations: khaki , orange , black
Size range: 22-28cm
Characteristics: Waterproof and cold-proof
Price: ¥15,400 (including tax)

Currently, These Tabi Shoes are only available at our physical stores in Nara Sanjo and Kamakura Hase.
Please wait a little longer for online sales.

Please check our products in stores♪

ウテン×フリース 店舗販売のお知らせ