Let's make matching original tabi shoes!

We have received many requests from the past to make matching tabi shoes as a group.
So finally,
we will start accepting custom-made tabi shoes!! Various events will be actively held again in the future.Please use it for taiko, festival, and events.

[Confirmation items when ordering] 

*Acceptable orders from 10 pairs. 

*The size ranges from 19 cm to 28 cm in 1 cm increments. 

*The fabric used for the outer and lining will be arranged by the customer. 

*For other details, please contact info@tabi-ji.jp  with the title of "Made to order" entering the name of the representative, contact information, and desired quantity.

[Flow until completion] 

1.Please contact us at info@tabi-ji.jp. 

2.We will quote after detailed explanation and confirmation. 

3.We will send you a sample of our existing products to check the shape and thickness of the fabric. 

4.As soon as you arrange the fabric, we will start making samples. (3 weeks to complete) 

5.If there is no problem with the sample, we will start production. (Estimated completion 2-3 months) 

6.Depending on the fabric arrangement and various confirmations, it will take at least half a year to deliver.